I am a Jungian analyst in private practice in Napa, California, where my husband and I also grow grapes, raise goats, and grow and distill lavender and other aromatic plants. We are a Demeter certified Biodynamic organic ranch.

I grew up on small farm in the Midwest in a culture that no longer exists. Early on I experienced the pull of spirit of place, or the genius loci, often depicted as a serpent. Most of my writing concerns the lively experience of spirit of place. This involves being more conscious not only of the personal psyche, but of our relationship to the animate and inanimate world as well. It necessitates a shift in consciousness, a “re-membering” of an older, more open-hearted approach to the natural world and to each other, while also valuing intellect. I believe this shift is critical to the survival of life as we know it.

As the result of a shocking experience during my candidacy to become a Jungian analyst, and concurrently, a crisis with the ripening of a grape crop, I was forced to seek help from alternative traditions, including a spiritual teacher and a biodynamic consultant. The account of this, Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation, was first published in 2010 by Fisher King Press. The second edition with a Foreword by Robert Sardello is to be published by Leaping Goat Press in April 2014.

My professional writing often offers a Jungian lens on biodynamics as we practice it on our ranch, bridging the work of Carl Jung and Rudolf Steiner. Some of my most popular blog posts are:

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